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When the world is changing and moving so fast, the industries and firms also need to work hard to satisfy the customer and at the same time improve their business. But without a proper system in place, you cannot ensure this. And this is where Lean Six Sigma comes into play.

Lean Six Sigma is an amazing strategic approach wherein both the business and customers are given equal importance. Once you learn and enter the world of Lean Six Sigma, you will find how well it suits the organization.

Lean Six Sigma is the talk among various professionals at the corporate level. People try hard to get certified to Lean Six Sigma but find it tough to get the exam cleared without external help. And this is why we’re here.

LSS Iowa - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa is a training agency that helps firms and professionals to get certified to the desired level. If you need more insights on how we can help and what services we provide, read this article in full.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

The Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification is the most elite certification among other Lean Six Sigma certifications. It is ideal for professionals who are seeking promotion to mid-management and senior management profiles.

When the Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification is successfully cleared, individuals can distinguish their profile with the global credential of Six Sigma black belt certification: CSSE: BB (certified Six Sigma Executive: black belt).

This certification is apt for professionals who have a holistic understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts’ concepts and ideology. They can lead complex projects for the organization.

When you attend the lectures from Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa, you will gain in-depth knowledge about how to implement Lean Six Sigma in the organization at an advanced level. You will be able to guide the green belts and the yellow belts working under you.

What is the training duration of Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification?

The duration generally is 48 hours of Instructor-led coaching here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa. Before the commencement of the exam, you can get your doubts cleared anytime with us. We will always revert back within 24 hours after your query approaches us.

Some commonly asked questions and answers are mentioned here regarding Lean Six Sigma.

Answer: The reference materials for Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification are the training materials issued by Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa. You can join our course, and we will provide the material in an ordered manner which will ease your preparation.

The proper distinction of topics that is to be included for the Lean Six Sigma green belt, yellow belt, and black belt certification.

Answer: The cost of the Lean Six Sigma exam differs according to the belt levels. The cost for each level is:

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification: USD195
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: USD 295
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: USD 395

Answer: To get true information about any Lean Six Sigma service, contact Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa and book a quotation.

Answer: Lean is a well-defined systemic approach to reduce or eliminate waste and those activities that do not add value to the organization. It lays focus on removing wasteful steps in a process and making efforts only for the value-added steps. With Lean methodology, high-quality products and customer satisfaction are observed.

Lean helps in:

  • It reduces the process cycle time
  • It makes improvement in the product or service delivery time
  • It tries to reduce the chances of defect generation
  • It reduces the inventory levels.
  • It helps in the optimization of resources for key improvement, among others.

Answer: The key three elements comprise of:

Customers: Whenever the customer uses the product delivered or the service provided, they will review you. In such an advanced time of today, the customer has access to the right information and choices. The customers demand best at the lowest prices and want your support throughout the process till the product is delivered.

Such an outlook of the customer demands an outside-in approach. This approach is the core of Lean Six Sigma.

Processes: The outside-in approach calls for a need to define the business process value chain. It is obvious that the customer will pay for the product and not for any inefficiency such as re-work, revisions, and wastage.

Lean Six Sigma helps organizations focus on producing quality results and improving the value chain so customers will attain the best quality within the expected timeline.

Employees: They are an essential part of the organization that has to perform the task. Lean Six Sigma will be integrated deep into the system, and the employees at the base level will also be informed about the projects and the details needed. This will develop a culture or overall improvement.

Why should you select Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa for your certification process?

Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa is globally recognized for its training and certification services. We provide efficient training paths to support the growth of individuals as well as organizations. The main reason to choose us is:

  • Training which is globally demanded
  • Experienced professionals
  • The training providers know local and global expertise.
  • Interactive training formats.
  • A full-fledge extensive network that will help in updating and providing refined knowledge.

We hope to provide world-class services at every level of certification. You will be thrilled and excited when you will study through such unique and interactive study methods. You can expect the best possible results at our company. So, do not waste another minute. Grab your phones and dial our number for the best Lean Six Sigma services!

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