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Want to increase the productivity of your company? If so, you can do that by implementing Lean Six Sigma principles. Lean Six Sigma would help you manage your processes and increase your company’s productivity by providing a proper framework. This certification can also help individuals to get a better job or increment.

Lean Six Sigma is the certification that can help companies as well as individuals. It is the only certification with the tendency to improve and transform or bring change to a company as well as individuals.

But this certification is not that easy as it sounds. You have to pass specific examinations to achieve this high-level certification. That is why you should consult professionals like Lean Six Sigma Experts in IowaWe are a professional consulting and training service provider firm. We provide the best training in the town. Now let us know more about Lean Six Sigma approach.

LSS Iowa - Des-Moines-IA

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification?

Lean Six Sigma is a cumulative approach formed by two approaches with different work by the same ideology, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean mainly focuses on waste reduction techniques. It helps you to reduce the waste produced by the company, or that is accidentally produced. So, Lean is the strategy that points out the differences and disposes of the waste.

On the other hand, Six Sigma mainly focuses on variation management and process management. It helps you manage and reduce the variations continuously appearing in your products or your output towards the company.

Six Sigma helps you in a proper management system and reduces mistakes and errors. So, Six Sigma is the set of tools that help in process management, variation management, and eliminating mistakes. Thus, Lean points out, and Six Sigma destroys.

They both together make a perfect combination for the well-being of the company as well as individuals. Now we know what Lean Six Sigma is, now let us know about its different certification levels.

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Levels of Certification

  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt- Yellow belt is the first level of Lean Six Sigma certification. This is meant for those who want to know more about the Lean Six Sigma approach. A yellow belt increases your chances of getting better jobs than the others get. With this belt, you can gain more experience. 
  • Lean Six Sigma Green belt- Green belt is the second level of the Lean Six Sigma certification. This belt is for those who have some experience and knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma approach.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black belt- Black belt is the third and most difficult level to achieve. The people who attain this belt have a lot of experience and have greater knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma approach than the Yellow and Green belt holders.

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