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Are you worried about the mismanaged state of your firm? Is the reduced customer satisfaction bothering you? Well, do not worry. These are the common issues faced by industrialists and business owners all over the world. Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that comprises principles of both Lean and Six Sigma in such a way that they increase your firm’s overall processes.

Implementation of Lean Six Sigma requires clearing the exam. It acts as proof that you are well versed with the skills needed. Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa do not provide certification, but we provide training and guidance necessary to clear the exam and develop the skills.

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LSS Iowa - Sioux-city-IA

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Six Sigma was originally started for the manufacturing industries. But very soon, it became obvious that Six Sigma’s benefits are not limited to the production floor. With the addition of Lean Six Sigma, it became a universal methodology restricted to manufacturing and became useful in services and transactional industries.

A disciplined Lean Six Sigma approach is a statistical-based, data-driven approach that brings continuous improvement. It does so by eliminating waste, reducing the defects in the processes. 

What are the benefits of implementing Lean Six Sigma?

The major benefits for companies involve:

  • Improved processes
  • greater revenue
  • Reduced cost due to less or fewer defects
  • Increased capacity throughout the company
  • The decisions are made which are data-based and not vague guess.
  • Saving huge amount of time and money
  • A culture of continual improvement and betterment throughout the company
LSS Iowa - Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification provided here at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa is recommended course because of the efficient strategies utilized in the course. The black belt course can be utilized by:

  • Those people who wish to gain leadership positions in the Six Sigma team of the company.
  • Employees who want personal growth and become experts in Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • Individuals who are looking for jobs in areas where they will have to provide coaching and training to other people.
  • Those people want to work for the organization by helping it save money and reduce waste generation.

You can attain many other benefits from it. The skills you develop will aid you throughout your life. 

How can Lean Six Sigma Experts of Iowa help you?

We provide consulting and training to organizations and firms that wish to improve their current situation. If you want to be trained by experts and skilled professionals, you should choose us. We will help you develop skills and focus on the personal growth of every individual who pursues the course with us.

Even the training material provided here is informative and to the point. You will not face any issue whether you are a beginner or gaining an advanced certification level. Do not hesitate. Get ready to be a part of Lean Six Sigma’s success. Enroll in our courses today and start the progress.

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